About Us

Sunset at Deer Isle, my special place.

I discovered a cache of vintage nautical maps from the 40’s and 50’s while cleaning out the closet at the family cottage in Deer Isle, Maine.  It was at this very special and magical place for me, the place that continues to evoke so many childhood memories, that I was compelled to do something creative.

I was drawn to the beautiful blues and greens, the intricate shapes of the coastline, harbors, points, peninsulas, islands, and the landmarks long ago buried in history. I loved the way place names captured all sorts of images and emotions: Poorhouse Cove, next to High Head Island.  Junk of Pork west of Hog, Pound of Tea near Drinkwater Point. Just reading the words – Lazygut, Smuttynose, and Crotch (really???) make me laugh.

When I first started to create the pendants featured on this site, I designed them for color, composition, and locations that had interesting names. Soon I was being commissioned by clients who wanted jewelry that captured their memories—where they spent their childhood summers, got married, had their first child. For me, these maps and the jewelry they create are as unique and beautiful as the individual memories that give them meaning.

I hope you enjoy my unique jewelry crafted from vintage nautical maps. Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing pieces, or commissioning a custom order. 

– Elizabeth Sugarman